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Imminent Nostalgia

By on 11th June 2015


Imminent Nostalgia Nineteen

Imminenent Nostalgia Nineteen
Imminenent Nostalgia Nineteen

Every year for the last nineteen I have compiled a CD friends, which contains the best tunes I have heard over the preceding twelve months.

The compilation is also set up as an Apple and Spotify playlist.


Exciting News about Music Lovers Cheese Boxset which will be available to order in 2020

If you love music, and love cheese you might be interested in a very exciting cheese boxset, with a musical connection that I am releasing in 2020.

You can catch up, and pre order at McGlincheese.com or email



Previous Years

18 Spotify Apple

16  Apple

14 Spotify Apple

13 Spotify Apple

12 Spotify 

11 Spotify 


Before this on CD, will update when I have some time